Written and Directed by Ricardo Ventura


Toured in Portugal, Brasil and Spain


The future is certainly a topic that fascinates the human spirit. Throughout history, this has been a widely explored subject in theater, film and literature. Great creators have enlightened our minds giving us their views or forecasts, ranging from the most fun and optimistic to the most catastrophic. But the truth is that we live with no guarantee or assurance about tomorrow and this complete inability to predict our destiny fills our hearts with anguish.


SALVO-CONDUTO is a work that touches precisely this feeling, but lightly, funny and in an original way. It offers us, as a counterpoint to this anguish, a strong love relationship between the characters and the idea that, after all, we can not predict the future but, nevertheless, we may have some power over it.




Ricardo Ventura


Maria Silva



Ricardo Ventura

Set & Costume Designer

Maria Silva

Light Designer

Daniel Rocha


Truly men

from the future!

That is what you inventors are!!!