Written and Directed by Ricardo Ventura


Originally titled Salvo-Conduto, this award-winning play was written in Portuguese in 2006, and has been performed widely in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. It is now undergoing a brand new R&D process and translation into English, ready to premiere for a British audience this Autumm.


1975: A man frantically packs his belongings into a box and vanishes into thin air. 40 years later, a lab assistant strives to preserve the sanity of a man consumed by the desire toi travel through time.


This is the story of one women’s quest to find an amazing future. Not her own future, but one sought so desperately by someone close to her that she fears he will lose his mind. A future where he believes the unanswered questions from the past must lie.


Over and over, she watches him fail to launch his impossible invention, until she realises that she must take matters into her own hands. Steering her way between illusion and reality, she guides him on his journey towards the future, with each leap drawing further and further into the unknown.


The Inconveniences of Time Travelling and Other Family Issues is a tragic comedy about hope, loss, friendship and the power of the imagination.




Ricardo Ventura


Maria Silva



Ricardo Ventura

Set & Costume Designer

Maria Silva

Light Designer

Daniel Rocha


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