Directed by Maria Silva



Toured in Portugal



LAR DOCE LAR is a Clowning play specially produced by an artistic and pedagogical team to be presented to children up to 5 years old. The actors use only body language to interact all the time with the audience in a very dynamic and entertaining play which encourages creativity, imagination, expression and critical awareness in children of all ages.



Meet the charming story of Sarmento and Daluz. They are two clowns who are in search of their soulmate. When they finally meet each other, they fall in love and start a new life together, until they realize that, after all, the coexistence between them... well... is not that easy.



Among many jokes, antics, disputes and lots of funny situations, they learn with children's help, that everything can be so much easier if they just became a bit more friendly and tolerant with each other.




Ricardo Ventura



Maria Silva






Maria Silva


Set Designer

Ricardo Ventura

Costume Designer

Maria Silva

Light Designer

Daniel Rocha