Laugh and joy where it is more needed

The intervention work of actors (clowns) on Hospitals originated in 1986 when the actor Michael Christensen, from the Big Apple Circus in New York, performed at Hospital Columbia Presbyterian Babies presenting some parodies to medical and hospital routines through the circus and theater techniques. This work has been widely recognized by doctors as a booster process of psycho-motor improvements in patients who participated in these interventions.


Since then, the intervention of those activities in the healthcare environment have increased considerably gaining recognition, credibility and, increasingly, strongly contributing to the process of health's humanization.


In 2002, the actors Ricardo Ventura and Maria Silva started the Projecto Dr. Palhaço (Doc. Clown Project) at the Hospital Infantil Santiago Varela (Natal, Brazil), with the same methodology. Where, through clown's technic, were engaged to bring joy, good humor and fun to hospitalized children, contributing to their physical and psychological well-being. These activities aim in the first instance through laughter, ways to stimulate a reaction approach to the clinical state in which they are temporarily or permanently on.


In 2005, the founders of Projecto Dr. Palhaço left Brazil to extend their activities to Madeira Island (Portugal) deploying the project successfully on a Psychiatric Hospital (Casa de Saúde Câmera Pestana, from The Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus).


Now, in 2016, once again, they extend their frontiers to UK. Wainting the green light to start their activities at the best referral services for specialist care for children and families across the South West and nationally.



Doc. Sarmento

Ricardo Ventura

Doc. Daluz

Maria Silva


Artístic Director

Ricardo Ventura

Costume Designer

Maria Silva