Written and Directed by Ricardo Ventura


Toured in Portugal and Brazil


Máquina de Mil Botões is an hilarious comedy, inspired by the universe of relationships created by the brazilian writers Luis Fernando Verissimo and Alexandre Machado.To develop its plot, first extract from the daily life of love relationships the humorous and spicy seasoning and then add to this formula a multiple personality disorder. And voila ... the recipe is complete, or the chaos was created!


Máquina de Mil Botões is primarily a love story. About a love that is able to transform us completely so that we can fall in love several times by the same person as if it was for the first time.


Alirio and Antonia are a newly married couple, with nothing unusual, until they discover a quite not so little problem: a multiple personality disorder! It is about to live the crazy adventures of a two person's relationship! Or is it three? Four???




Ricardo Ventura


Antônia, Joana, Rosa and Nair

Maria Silva






Ricardo Ventura

Set & Costume Designer

Maria Silva


Ricardo Ventura



Nuno Filipe


Light Designer

Daniel Rocha